Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury can cover a wide variety of matters: anything from a car or motorcycle accident to suffering an injury on the property of others based on a failure to warn or protect or supervise or properly hire.  We are equipped to fight for you by taking these cases on a contingency basis (there is never any money out of your pocket, win or lose. We only win if you win), hiring the right experts, advancing the fees and expenses associated with the case, and bringing the right team of lawyers to trial to ensure the best possible results.  Further, insurance adjustors and opposing lawyers know our work and our willingness to spare no expense to fight for you, which can increase the settlement value of your case.

Tractor-Trailer Cases

We all know the unique hazard big rigs present on the roadway.  Our firm is equipped with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to maximize recovery for our clients.  We have recovered millions of dollars fighting for those killed or injured by tractor-trailers.  Once hired, this firm immediately demands that the tractor-trailer be taken out of use.  We immediately hire experts to examine the truck before it moves again.  This gives us information most firms don’t take the time or spend the money to learn.  We can obtain data about how long the driver had been on the road, whether he was speeding and other crucial information that will be lost if the right lawyer doesn’t know what to look for.  Do not let an inexperienced attorney handle this case.  If you have lost someone or been injured by a big rig, chose a knowledgeable attorney and let us fight for you.

Wrongful Death

When you have lost a loved one by the wrongful acts of another, the impact is devastating.  We know this from representing so many amazing but grieving families struggling to make sense of a terrible situation.  These cases require experience and dedication to fight. Not only is an extensive knowledge of the law regarding the case necessary, also a qualified attorney should possess a knowledge of estate law, know who has a right to bring a cause of action and most importantly, how to appreciate the terrible pain the family is suffering.   A good attorney will immediately seek to preserve all evidence, obtain all records and autopsies and begin the probate process smoothly and fairly.  Let us fight for your family if you have lost a loved on by the wrongful actions of another.

Civil Rights

When someone, generally law enforcement or a jailer, acting under the “color of authority” injures you or a loved one or takes away a constitutional right, we can fight for you.  The most common claims we see are excessive use of force causing injuries or death, police brutality, planting of evidence and wrongful arrests.  This type of claim can also extend into deliberately ignoring serious medical conditions or needs while incarcerated or other acts negatively affecting those incarcerated in jail or prison.  

Medical Malpractice

We should be able to trust our doctors, nurses, and other medical providers to act appropriately, and treat us with the correct standard of care. Sadly, that does not always happen. When a medical provider’s actions cause death or serious injury, you may have a claim against that medical provider. We are here to fight for you.

Mass Tort

Occasionally, one person, company, or entity causes harm to individuals on a large scale – this can include medical device injuries, such as faulty knee replacements, prescription drug injuries, or injuries caused by other products. If you’ve been injured due to the failure of a product we have the experience to fight for your rights and assist you in your claims.

Whistleblower Claims

Do you know of a doctor, hospital, or clinic charging patients or insurance companies more than what they should? Are they double billing Medicare/Medicaid or prescribing unnecessary services? Has someone tried to outfit you with a brace or device you aren’t sure you need and billed Medicare for it? Are they committing fraud? If so, you may have a whistleblower claim. Whistleblowers are often entitled to recover 10% of the total amount of the fraud on the government! Our office has the experience to file these claims and protect your rights throughout the process. Let us fight for you.